Monday, April 27, 2015

Focus T25: End of Week 6 (Or Week 1 Again)

Well, guys, I sucked this week, I really did. I had like no energy, was craving sugar, was extremely tired, and bloated up. Women may guess what my problem was based on those symptoms. If you guessed "PMS", congratulations! You are correct! I figured it out today after a week of wondering why the heck I was craving chocolate, pizza, and burritos so badly. I am one of those unfortunate people who start early (lasts 10 days), and so I somehow manage to be taken by surprise every month when either my boyfriend or myself looks at a calendar and puts two-and-two together.

At any rate, I sucked this week because of that. I started Day 1 of Beta and gaped at how fast everyone on the video - even the modifier - was moving. I floundered my way through the video and went into Day 2 with some trepidation. As the video started playing, I stood there in silent shock. It looked like everyone in the video was on fast-forward. They were all moving so quickly that for a few moments I was absolutely convinced that I had accidentally sped-up the DVD. Nope. Nope. It was just them, being fit as shit.

So I stopped and thought. I finished Month 1, Alpha, with only a few "Nailed It!" boxes under my belt. Was I really doing the smart thing by jumping straight into Beta, which was obviously an entirely different tier of fitness, when I still hadn't mastered Alpha? Would I discourage myself by my inability to follow along and potentially injure my already messed-up tendons?

I came to a natural conclusion and decided to re-do Alpha before moving into Beta. Consequently, I have decided to push myself even harder on this go-round. While it was difficult this past week, due to hormonal changes, I worked so hard that on the last, double day I was not even able to do the second workout. I had so exhausted myself that I lay spread-eagle on the ground after finishing the first video. I was on the floor for such a long time that my boyfriend came out looking for me, concerned for my well-being.

Even so, one or two good days does not make up for four bad ones, so I was not surprised to see that my weight had gone up slightly this week. Still a bummer, though!

End of Month 1, T25 Week 5, 04/18/15:
Weight: 177.6 lbs
BFP: 38.7%
Arm: 11.5"
Thigh: 21" 
Waist: 32"

Starting Month 2, T25 Week 1A, 4/27/15:
Weight: 178.8 lbs
BFP: 39%
Arm: 11"
Thigh: 21" 
Waist: 33"

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