Sunday, April 19, 2015

Focus T25: End of Week 5

My boyfriend told me after measuring myself at the end of week 5 that I am thinner now than I was when we met back in 2013. That means a lot to me. This program is hard, yes, but it is changing my body. I feel as though I'm carving my figure out of the body I used to have. My pants and shirts are looser and I am starting to comfortable in my own body.

Yesterday, end of week 5, I finished my first 30 days of Focus T25. I stuck with it and never skipped a day. I admit, unequivocally, that even when finishing the month I was still unable to fully do the non-modified exercises. Tendon damage aside, the workouts are still just as hard now as they were when I began; this didn't make sense to me at first, since I've lost weight and have been exercising the whole month. One would think that would mean that the workouts would be getting easier, but they haven't been. 

Then my boyfriend pointed out that this experience is typical, because these programs are designed to ramp up in difficulty as you proceed through them. 

Oh, right. Duh. Kinda sorta forgot that. Having that pointed out to me made me feel slightly better than I had when I was berating myself. 

I can't wait to continue with the program. Since January I have gone from almost 200 lbs (I think I was 198) to what I am today - 177.6 lbs. That over 20 lbs. Not a short time frame to lose only 20 or so pounds, but I stopped in the middle for a while and lost my motivation for a few months, so for me it is pretty significant. Since starting the program, I went from 184 lbs to 177.6 in a month - sure, only 6.4 lbs in a month, but I started this program after I had lost all of my water weight just changing my diet, so that means I have lost 6.4 lbs of straight-up fat. And I'm going to keep going!

I admit frankly that I can't wait for Tuesday so that I can start Month Two. Some new workouts will be introduced and I'm excited to continue my weight loss journey. 

Starting Month 1, 03/15/15:
Weight: 184 lbs
BFP: 41%
Arm: 13"
Thigh: 23.5" 
Waist: 37"

End of Month 1, T25 Week 5, 04/18/15:
Weight: 177.6 lbs
BFP: 38.7%
Arm: 11.5"
Thigh: 21" 
Waist: 32"

Change, T25 Week 1 - 5:
Weight: -6.4 lbs
BFP: -2.3%
Arm: -1.5"
Thigh: -2.5"
Waist: -5"

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