Sunday, April 7, 2013

CoverGirl Aqua Smooth Compact Foundation Review

Even though this foundation has been out for a long time, I had never tried it and it doesn't really get talked about or much hype. On a friend's tip (shout-out to Anne!), I decided to give it a whirl (since Revlon Colorstay was SUCH a disappointment.) Um, spoiler alert--I LOVE THIS STUFF. It is SO much better than Revlon Colorstay and I can't get over how long it lasts. My shade is Creamy Natural.

Isn't that SUCH a flattering still for this video?? YEESH.


  1. Hi, sorry to comment on an old post but I wanted to see if you were still a fan of the everyday minerals flat top or if you found something better?

    Just checking before I drop $15 to try it.

    Thanks for your videos, they are helpful.

    1. Thanks! No worries about commenting on old posts. I did find a brush I like better that I use every day - though it seems sketchy, I ordered these brushes from EBay and I love all of them. I use them every day, and they've lasted for over two years without even shedding. :)

      This is the exact set I bought, though the seller has some others that are even more affordable:

    2. Ah the flat-top in that set looks like the highly rated one on Amazon by "beauty junkies". The problem is I don't like the long handle. The EM one you used looks nice and stubby :-)

    3. Ah, if you want short and stubby, that brush is the way to go for sure.

  2. Sorry to keep dropping in on this post!

    Wanted to follow up if you still love aquasmooth best?

    I like it can be worn with virtually no other makeup and still look good but the problem is I have fine lines and it gets trapped and highlights them in short order. Apparently this is a known problem because I can google and find other mentions of that.

    You probably don't have that problem, but can you guess at a recommendation to try something similar that deals with fine lines better? I read one place about Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse so I might try that, any experience?

  3. That's alright, I don't mind answering your questions. :) I do not use Aquasmooth any longer for that very reason - I actually have a lot of fine lines from sun damage when I was younger, and it does settle into them. Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse was a huge disappointment to me - texture, finish, everything, so I do not recommend it. Creams are generally not great for fine lines, since they are so much heavier.

    My go-to for the past year has been two foundations - one is a liquid that reminds me of Diorskin Forever Foundation, the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation. It's incredible with coverage and finish, though it feels like you are almost wearing nothing, and does not emphasize fine lines. It is fantastic - I use 20 Classic Ivory. The other foundation I use most often is the Physician's Formula Creamy Natural/Light Duo Mineral Foundation. This is the first mineral foundation I've actually liked, and it has some kind of natural glow in it so that when you apply it you look as though you contoured, since the powder catches the light in all of the right places.

    1. Ah I am so glad I asked your advice, had bought the Dream Smooth but it is still unopened so I can return it. It's funny I was looking right at the Fluid-Touch this morning but I wanted something that worked with the flat-top brush because I really like that technique. Did you do a video on Fluid-Touch, I will go look for it.

      I remembered you were using creamy natural with CG and I was like wow that color looks wrong on me and oxidizes so fast that it looks red after an hour. Instead used classic ivory with CG because of the lack of red in it - but it was a bit too white for my skin. I hope the Maybelline is a better match. Looking at their online colors, I may be stuck between their classic ivory and just ivory.

      Thanks again!

    2. I didn't do a full video on it, but I talk about the Fluid-Touch starting at 10:00 in this video:

      You can use the Fluid-Touch with a flat-top brush, too - that's my favorite method of foundation application. The Maybelline classic ivory has ended up being a great color for me as I grew paler after I used the Creamy Natural for Covergirl (and it got a bit orangey); I'm sure you'll figure out what color works best!

    3. I totally forgot, I did feature it in a video!

    4. Well I tried the Fluid-Touch and I've come to the conclusion you must have much better skin than I do.

      It is just too flat and doesn't turn powdery like the aquasmooth - while it can cover color imperfections, it cannot do anything for skin imperfections otherwise. (it is a little better on fine lines though)

      What's weird is Maybeline's "classic ivory" has red in it while their ivory does not but Covergirl is the exact opposite, I would need something between their ivory and classic ivory or mix them and it's already too tedious with the bottles.

      I could see why someone younger or with good skin would like fluid-touch though, just not for me.

      Sigh, the hunt continues, this is getting expensive.

    5. Oh no, let me assure you - I have horrible skin due to issues with the veins in my face. My skin is incredibly rough and red - you just don't typically see it in my videos because I've already primed. I use a light silicone based primer underneath every foundation I've used so that the texture is workable with a foundation and so that I can actually get the coverage promised from the foundation. The fluid-touch does turn into a powdery finish for me - I wonder if it helps because the primer underneath prevents the oils/texture of my skin from interacting adversely with it. If you don't use a primer, I encourage you to do so before spending more money on foundation - Monistat Chafing Gel is, believe it or not, an amazing dupe for Smashbox Photo Finish primer and I've used it for years.

  4. Hi again!

    I'm still waiting for the ivory color of that fluid-touch to show up (ordered it online, half price of stores) to mix and get the right color but I wanted to tell you about something else I discovered.

    You know how aquasmooth is a creme-to-powder that we liked but no-go on fine lines? Well Revlon makes a creme-to-powder too, it is just less known and not in many stores. They call it "new complexion one step".

    It has very limited colors but surprisingly the 01 ivory beige is almost perfect on me, maybe a tiny bit darker. It doesn't seem to have red undertones which is great.

    But what is really interesting is it does not 100% dry like the aquasmooth (or fluid touch for that matter). I cannot quite describe the final state, it is not oily or wet but kinda like a moisturizer-almost-dry finish? In any case is soft and interestingly it actually seemed to soften on the fine lines better as it dried, initially I thought it was not going to work and seemed to sit in the fine lines.

    The downside is is almost twice the price of aquasmooth, like $13 at walmart and it is 0.35 ounces vs aquasmooth .0.40 - it is also only SPF 15 vs aqua 20

    Just thought I'd mention it in case you ever see it on sale, I am curious to hear your more experienced opinion on it someday.

    ps. I am trying that "soothing care" stuff now as a primer, honestly I am not quite sure it is doing a darn thing for me but I'll try it until the tube runs out