Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beauty Blender Dupe Review: Bundle Monster Pro Beauty Flawless Sponges

Today I bring you a review on the Beauty Blender Dupe--Bundle Monster's Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Sponges! 

I really didn't want to shell out $20 or more for a Beauty Blender, so instead I scouted around and found these dupes for an awesome deal--$10 and change on Amazon! They're fantastic and come just as pictured. 

They're firm and far softer than I anticipated. They get enormous when you wet them, just like the Beauty Blender does, and they give great coverage. With four, I'll probably never have to buy a new blending sponge. These were a great buy and I couldn't be happier with the product. These will last me forever! 

For my full review, and a quick demo, check out my video below! 

Update: Interested in seeing a follow-up with me on this product two years later? You can check that out in this blog post.


  1. does it absorb makeup? i got a lot of dupe ones and they eat a lot of makeup :(

    1. For the most part, they don't! My foundation lasts forever when I use nothing but these sponges. I would say the amount they absorb is comparable to the amount absorbed by the original Beauty Blender.

  2. These are great ! I also have them