Sunday, April 3, 2016

Late 20’s Skin Care: Budget Dr. Lancer + Korean Skin Care Methods - Week 1 Update

Anyone wondering how I'm doing with the skin care thing, combining budget Dr. Lancer method and Korean skin care methods? (If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out my blog post here.)

For the astute reader, you may note that it's been over one week since I posted that. Yes - because I was still waiting for all of the products I ordered to come in. They all arrived last weekend and I began following the whole routine. I have not skipped a step or a day, and wow - there is a big difference!!

My blackheads are fading and my pores are actually appearing to close; the few bouts of acne I was experiencing are also fading, though I've had a few breakouts recently thanks to my monthly hormones, but NOTHING like what I usually have. My skin is tightening up around my jawline, as well - I can see everything becoming more firm and it is blowing my mind.

I have not yet noticed a huge difference in the fine lines I have, but I will say this - the dark and age spots on my cheeks are fading. I never thought they would actually do so, but my skin - particularly the left side (the worst side) - is looking SO much better. And SO soft!

Here's how I know for sure that my skin is improving: my boyfriend, who is one of those men who eschew skin care as being emasculating (though it's NOT), noticed how great my skin was (and men NEVER typically notice stuff like that on their own) and asked me to start doing his skin. And I've been doing an abbreviated version for him, and HIS fine lines are going away!

A few pictures below - not as many as my first post, but you can see a clear difference. The acne on my forehead is almost completely gone, my nose is looking way better, and the age spots on my cheeks are much improved. Forgive the towel turban; I wanted to take the most raw pictures of my skin that I could, so I took them fresh out of the shower and without any products on yet.

So far, hugely impressed and huge success. I'm also enjoying the ritual of taking care of my skin; I had thought maybe I would get annoyed with how long the process is compared to how little time I used to spend on my skin, but I've really been enjoying it. I get to massage my face, at night it really helps wind me down and put me in a sleeping mindset, my skin is (so far) improving immensely, and I now get to help my boyfriend with his skin. Huzzah!

Front view

Right side of face

Left side

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